Sunday Daryaganj Book Market, Delhi

A Reader’s Heaven.

Clockwork Banana

The Booklifter’s guide to the El-dorado of (relatively) cheap second hand books.

I am talking about the same book market which has been branded as the SECOND LARGEST ASIAN SECOND HAND BOOK MARKET (I don’t know which is the FIRST one and I am not even bothered, if you are, ask Google). I know that you know what kind of books you can get from there, I know that you have got enough money to buy the whole market (and if you are into Micheal Crichton or Shobha De, kindly click on the X button, on the top-right corner of the page, which turns red the moment you move your cursor over it), but my blog is for those thirsty/hungry-for-good-literature-poverty-stricken-readers who cannot afford (or who don’t want to spend money because they don’t get enough from guardians or day/night jobs OR are simply High-principled and think, like me…

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