My faithless bride.

I think of hundred things to say….

but i have a hundred reasons not to rant…

My faithless bride ..  Walk right away..

Leaving behind her lovely scent…

I lost a battle…. Over and over….

I lost my all in making her stay…

I knew I’ll  lose it… when i started it…

played it… cuz’ she liked to play..

I can shout… I can scream..i can question her down…

But instead i decide to wait.

They say what they say and they know they are right.

they say you can’t beat your fate.

And while she packs her bags.. I notice her small hands…

Her ring still right in its place..

She wants to look me in the eye again..

She wants to feel my embrace…

Who might i turn to.. God you say…

I’m sure he’s got work to do…

I think busy he is.. With things more important.

taking care of me and you.

Though hurt and bruised.. not for the first time…

My affection sits the same.

She still comes visits my dreams sometimes

She still whispers my name…

I made a promise to self.

I vowed not to lose a single moment of sleep for the crook.

I fear the day i look back.

I fear i might break a promise or two….


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