7 hugs a day

I recently read somewhere that research shows to maintain a happy and content state of mind, a person should hug at least seven people every day. I did not precisely google it and check the reliability and source of this fact, but one thing that I know for sure is that its true. Not seven, not seventy, but there is a power in human touch that relaxes you. Most of us have been through a situation where we felt unwanted, like no one loved us. At those times, human touch is a bliss. I, personally, ask for it If I need it. (people jokingly call me a pervert sometimes) but no one denies. Everyone knows human touch heals. A person sitting with you and consoling you for an hour sums up like a 10 second hug from the same person. I hug my mother, my grandmother, my friends, my crushes, my ex girlfriend (she needs it more than I do) whenever I get a chance. I collect hugs. And when I  don’t have anyone hugworthy. I remember my collection of hugs. I volunteer hugs. I wish hugs were available on ebay. And tonight when its christmas in my country, where most people don’t even know about Christmas, I feel like hugging everyone I know.


*hugs* to you all. i am just too lazy to show you my love. but i love you. I need you.


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